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What we do

Empowering a generation.

Consider us the gap between education and the start of succeeding in the real world.

How we work

We all have a dream.
We all have a gift.

We all have our very own unique pathway in the world. But the hard part, for many, is finding and believing in these things.

Platform Seven is a niche mentoring company that helps ambitious young adults and entrepreneurs identify their dreams, discover their gifts, and carve out the path they are destined for.

We’re empowering a generation to succeed. Combining traditional mentoring with our own pioneering ‘success therapy’ formula, our mission is to unlock greatness and inspire creativity.

We provide the platform to Design and then Create the life you want to live.

Nervous or scared by what the future may look like?
Stuck, confused or demoralized by where you're at?
Feel you have a talent or gift lying buried somewhere?
Desperate to succeed in life, but not sure how?
Never had anyone to guide you, inspire you and help you succeed?

Who we help

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Our approach

Breaking out the brilliant in you.

We help you create the vision of what you want life to be, before life decides for you.

We prepare you with the knowledge and game plan you need to succeed in life, while helping you navigate any roadblocks along the way.

Our 4 Step Process

We help you identify your unique strengths and gifts.
We help you find your own roadmap and tailor-made path through life.
We support you with the tools and teachings to help you achieve your goals.
We have the expertise to guide and advise you every step of the way.

What we offer

ways we can help.

What we offer · 1

Someone to guide you

Lots of young people grow up without a role model or mentor. Someone to lead by example. To support, guide and advise you. To show you what success looks like.

As trained mentors and life coaches, our job is building your self-belief. Helping you to overcome any mental blocks, fears or feelings of resistance. Teaching you why failures occur and how those failures can be turned into achievements. Allowing you to see the hope inside yourself. The ambition. The talent. The person you were destined to be.

What we offer · 2

Work smarter not harder

Hard work counts. That’s a fact. But so many people are slogging it without the satisfaction of truly succeeding. That’s why we prioritize smart work over hard graft. Using your hours productively and efficiently. Allowing yourself time to think, plan and innovate. Achieving creativity, autonomy and satisfaction in everything you do.

We’ll motivate you to work smart and teach you to stay smart – from a shift in focus, to the recognition of untapped talent, to a total re-evaluation of what success looks like.

What we offer · 3

Unstuck and out the rut

Ever felt flat? Stale? Monotonous? Underwhelmed? Ever felt as if you’re stuck in life, stuck in the wrong job, stuck in the mud, wheels spinning, with nowhere to go?

What we do is take that dull, directionless feeling and turn it into a new sense of purpose. Distil who you are and devise where you should be going. Tell you the truths that everyone else was too scared to. Create a game plan to get you unstuck, back on track and on the road to big things.

What we offer · 4

Make money, money...

You might come out of school knowing the square root of pi. But you probably won’t have been taught what that construct called money is all about. We can teach you some things about money that will equip you for the future. That might even change your life.

The basic principles of money. How to make money. How to save money. How and where to invest money. How to build passive income. How to trade. How to budget. How to analyze stocks. How to get on top of tax. Think of us as you resource for all things money. A foundation of knowledge to not just understand it, but make it, keep it, put it to good use.

What we offer · 5

Choose life

Never known what you want? That’s ok. Only 1% of the global population do. It’s hardly surprising when society hands us so many limiting beliefs as kids. We’re told to be realistic, not idealistic. Sensible, not desirous. Clever, sure, but what about courageous?

So many people never ask themselves what they really, truly want out of life. Let alone recognize the courage in themselves that will allow them to achieve it. So that’s where we step in to help you identify your dreams, inspire you with success stories, overcome your limiting beliefs, set your goals, then work out how to achieve them. And in doing so allow you to experience your life to the fullest.

What we offer · 6

What school never taught you

Facts. Figures. Calculations. School may arm us with all these things. But how to achieve success or contentment in life? Now that remains a mystery. Enter Platform 7. To teach you all the things that a textbook or blackboard didn’t. Namely, what the real world looks like, and all the hard truths that come with it.

Instead of wrapping you in curriculum cotton wool, we’ll educate you on everything from the importance of hard work, to how to set goals, how to make money, how to handle relationships, how to achieve what happy looks like. Are you ready? Success starts now.

What we offer · 7

Glass half fulfilled

Ambitions unrealized? A feeling of dissatisfaction in life? Unsure, ultimately, of what it’s all about? Sometimes we find ourselves doing what we were told to or expected to, rather than what we really wanted to. Asking ourselves that big hypothetical question: is this it?

Here’s the thing. It’s never it. There are always new shots to call. New dreams to seize. Sometimes you just need a hand to work out the where and how. We’ll identify your strengths, lift the veil on those half-forgotten aspirations, give you a game plan to find and use your greatest gifts. And, in doing so, turn lost opportunities into life-affirming successes.

About us

Platform Seven.

About our founder

Our founder knows what it feels like to be unsure and uninspired.

Portrait of Ricky Blair

Platform Seven was founded by Londoner Ricky Blair, who left school at sixteen frustrated and despondent. Fast forward a few years and Ricky was selling his hugely successful central London commercial real estate company, to the highest of multiple bidders. He attributes much of his success to a mentor that walked into his life one day, giving Ricky not only the self-belief but the skills and principles to succeed.

Ricky founded Platform Seven on the back of his unprecedented success as a twenty-something-year-old in the real estate industry, later moving from London to Los Angeles with the sole purpose of doing for other young adults what his own mentor did for him. And he’s passionate about sharing his own experience — in life and in business — to make the impossible possible for others.

Whatever it is, we'll help you to make it happen.

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